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Bajoo drop : share files publicly and securely

You can now share files publicly and securely using Bajoo drop Simply select or drop your files (4GB max per file) on the web page and they will be accessible via a private url, up to 30 days (depending on...

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Windows client update : 0.3.18

Windows client gets a big update with version 0.3.18 : Better management of log files. Fix a bug resulting in the creation of temporary folders which were never deleted. Next updates will now be done in the background. Fix a bug...

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Update 0.3.14

The (big) 0.3.14 update is live. You can download it on our website ( or leave it to your Bajoo client (it looks for updates at each start). It essentially fixes and optimizes the...

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Welcome to Bajoo public beta !

Bajoo 2 beta is available ! Bajoo 2 is finally available. For now, only the Windows (Vista and newer) can be downloaded, but we are close to releasing it for Linux. OSX will follow, then the mobile applications will come in a...

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