Happy new year to everyone 🙂

PC (Linux/OSX/Windows) clients received a big update today. Here’s the details :

  • Fix incorrect checks in the change password form.
  • Rewrite of the sync module: The status of each file is now accessible far more easily. It was a prerequisite for a lot of future features and improvements.
  • The passphrase is always asked at Bajoo start (if needed).
  • Limit the number of concurrent tasks to 35.
  • Retry to sync files after an error (after a delay).
  • Fix deadlock when encryption service stop.
  • Fix a bug when handling unicode Exception messages.
  • Fix a bug preventing use of passphrase in Container.
  • Improves logs: display version at startup, logs are less verbose by default and logs in sync module are displayed with the task ID associated.
  • Set update url dependent of the OS.
  • Start decoupling general GUI code and specific WxPython code into views and controllers.
  • Add manual test for GUI views.
  • Add implementations of a few GUI elements in Gtk3.
  • Replace custom IPC protocol in TaskBarIcon’s Unity version.