Month: October 2016

Update 0.3.24 for desktop clients

New update, before a 4 days week-end. Thursday is a public holiday in France, so we take monday off too ! Add button to resend confirmation email. Fix bug in encryption module when stopping the application Fix error raised when an index and cache folder were located on different disks. Resend lang setting to server when an invalid value has been previously sent. Fix race condition in connection procedure. Update Unity’s version of the task bar icon to use Gtk3 instead of Gtk2. Fix bug in function to switch to the graphic thread. Fix bug preventing proxy settings to...

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Non-received account activation email

Due to a misconfiguration issue on the server responsible for sending the account activation email, people who registered these last days may not have received it. To fix this, everyone with an un-activated account, should receive an activation email. Sorry for the...

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OSX client is available and some updates !

Bajoo client for OSX (10.11 El Capitan and newer) system is now available for download (link on the top right of each page). Linux and Windows clients received a new update to version 0.3.23 : * Update translations files. * Clean menu entries in Task Bar Icon menu. * Fix a bug preventing the deletion of old logs. * Fix bug on Linux, deleting the log folder at each start. * Force GPG to use UTF-8 encoding. * Detect uncaught errors on delayed GUI actions, and log them. * Saves of containers indexes files are now...

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How to use Bajoo?

STEP 1 : To access your Bajoo folder, click on the icon at the bottom right of your computer screen. The “Bajoo” folder will open. STEP 2 : To synchronise your files on Bajoo servers, simply drag your document in « MyBajoo » folder. « MyBajoo » is your personal data sync folder. Your files are encrypted with the passphrase you have previously defined when creating your account Bajoo. Enjoy this secure space to store all of your documents. You can access to all this information on your other tools *: tablets, smartphones … * Currently developing, tablets and smartphones applications will be available shortly...

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