New update, before a 4 days week-end. Thursday is a public holiday in France, so we take monday off too !

  • Add button to resend confirmation email.
  • Fix bug in encryption module when stopping the application
  • Fix error raised when an index and cache folder were located on different disks.
  • Resend lang setting to server when an invalid value has been previously sent.
  • Fix race condition in connection procedure.
  • Update Unity’s version of the task bar icon to use Gtk3 instead of Gtk2.
  • Fix bug in function to switch to the graphic thread.
  • Fix bug preventing proxy settings to be applied.
  • Prevent the regeneration of passphrase if there is an error during GPG key fetch.
  • Upload again container keys when they have an ‘Upload-required’ metadata.

In the next update, you will be able to reinitialize (if you lost your passphrase) or delete your account through your bajoo client.