Author: Kate

How to use Bajoo?

STEP 1 : To access your Bajoo folder, click on the icon at the bottom right of your computer screen. The “Bajoo” folder will open. STEP 2 : To synchronise your files on Bajoo servers, simply drag your document in « MyBajoo » folder. « MyBajoo » is your personal data sync folder. Your files are encrypted with the passphrase you have previously defined when creating your account Bajoo. Enjoy this secure space to store all of your documents. You can access to all this information on your other tools *: tablets, smartphones … * Currently developing, tablets and smartphones applications will be available shortly...

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Creating your Bajoo account

STEP 1 : Download the Bajoo desk application. Choose your computer, phone or tablet operating system. Follow the setup instructions. STEP 2 : Create your Bajoo account. STEP 3 : Confirm your Bajoo account creation. You must have received a creation confirmation email. STEP 4 : Return on your Bajoo application. STEP 5 : Configure your application and confirm your account. WELCOME ON BAJOO...

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