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Welcome to Bajoo public beta !

Bajoo 2 beta is available !

Bajoo 2 is finally available.

For now, only the Windows (Vista and newer) can be downloaded, but we are close to releasing it for Linux. OSX will follow, then the mobile applications will come in a second time, to finish with the online version (to access your data from anywhere).

The solution stay the same as the first version, but we started from scratch to offer a better one. There’s no need for a customer area for now, since everything can be done from the application.

You shall not pass will start by creating a new account as soon as the software is installed. The old application will automatically be removed, if it still was installed, and your old Bajoo folder in Documents will be renamed to Bajoo-v1.

Then, you can put your data (or move it from the Bajoo-v1 folder) in your Bajoo\MyBajoo folder (located by default in your user folder).

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